By using Verto Studio 3D, you consent and agree to the Privacy Policy. A simplified full disclosure of what is collected is below in blue.

The Verto Studio web site collects a few pieces of information so that it can function properly. This information includes Cookies, so we can keep you logged in without having to type your password in. The Verto Studio forum stores the information you give it when you sign up, including your name, email address, and user profile information, along with a hash of your password. Hashes are not reversible and your original password cannot be recovered from these. If you have uploaded any scene files to Verto Studio Cloud, obviously we store that as well.

If you landed on this site from an ad campaign URL (likely not the case), then we keep a hash of your IP address and your first visit date as to check whether or not you proceeded to buy a copy of Verto Studio. Again, the hash cannot be reversed to obtain your IP address. Essentially, it’s anonymous and cannot be used to do anything bad. If you’re not cool with that, simply contact us we’ll remove the entry.

If you’re using the hololens/VR app, and have activated google support, then an access token for your google account is stored encrypted on the device storage. This token is not stored or transmitted to Verto Studio’s web site in any form. This token is used on your behalf to download and upload content to/from your google drive service - and is needed for that feature to work.

That’s it!