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Verto Studio VR comes to Windows Immersive Mixed Reality Headsets

Now with Verto Studio VR on the windows store, you can transform any Windows 10 PC into a Virtual Reality 3D modeling studio! Import FBX, OBJ, DAE (and more) directly in front of you. Reach out and touch your content using the Windows Mixed Reality Motion Controllers, then configure every aspect of the visual display of these scenes from the lighting, textures, shaders, directly down to the individual polygons.

Design your own Virtual Reality, Then bring it anywhere!

Every editing feature that Verto Studio offers, is accessible from Virtual Reality. You can duplicate, subdivide, smooth, extrude, rotate, scale, weld, apply textures, and more! By using the familiar VR UI paradigms such as grip-grabbing, teleportation, flying, and ray-targeting, you can quickly get up to speed editing your VR environments with the full control of a desktop editor, but with the added benefit of instantly seeing your changes in front of you in a virtual world. When finished, export your Verto Studio content and view on Mobile, HoloLens, Desktop, or Web!